Thoughts On the New Doctor Who Companion

Please forgive me readers who are not fans of Doctor Who, I’m about to have a crazy fangirl moment.

After I returned from my internship I logged on to my various social media sites and was faced with some pretty epic news in my world: the new Doctor Who companion has been released.

Jenna-Louise Coleman. Adorable. Quirky. Not Karen Gillan. Will I ever really like anyone more than I like Amy Pond? Probably not, but Jenna seems a much more likely candidate for my affection than all the other previous companions. That’s probably largely due to the fact that she was holding an avocado when she got the news that she got the role.

There are a few not-so-great things about the release of the next companion: Rory and Amy will no longer be exploring with the Doctor, the new companion won’t be introduced until the winter, and I am now the not-so-happy owner of the knowledge that something bad is going to happen to Rory and/or Amy to cause them to no longer travel with the Doctor.

Oh freakin’ boy.


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