Greek Life: Adorable Gifts

I’ve learned from personal experience being a sorority girl myself that there are a number of occasions when you have to find a really adorable sorority related gift. Since my sorority’s mascot is a penguin, it’s usually everyone’s fall back option just to give another sister something penguin related and call it a day. I personally try to put a little more effort into it. Places like make it possible to find awesome hand made things (you don’t have to be Greek to find unique awesome stuff there either)!

Teale Dvornik makes these adorable paintings that can be custom made depending on your sorority. Plus you’ll be supporting a fellow Greek rather than buying from a large, impersonal manufacturer. That’s why I just love places like It’s not just some large warehouse business sending you your product, it’s a person who spent time and energy actually making it.

So if you’re in the need of something Greek related, check out Teale’s stuff. If you’re in the need of something unique just in general, check out You never know what awesome thing you may find!!

Have you ever gotten anything from!

The photos are from Teale’s shop!

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