Current Obsession: Chai Tea Lattes

If you’ve read a recent post you know I’ve been on a hunt of sorts to find a tea I like. After the first failed attempt it was pretty obvious that I needed to find something that had a really strong taste. I stumbled on chai tea lattes almost by chance.

My advanced advertising class had a client interview downtown so we all met at our usual room and walked together. We stopped by a local cafe called Brown Sugar for anyone to get a coffee or something. I had no intention of getting anything, but Logan had let me try his chai tea latte when we were exploring Ann Arbor and I figured I might as well give it a shot at this cafe.

Literally it was one of the greatest things I have ever tasted. It was creamy, hot, and reminded me of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and happiness in a cup. So delicious.

The next day I met up with Logan at Brown Sugar after a job interview he had. I bought both of us chai tea lattes just to show him how delicious Brown Sugar’s lattes were. I realize that a chai tea latte is more of a cousin to teas, but I feel quite satisfied with this amazing beverage!!

I’m hooked. I would buy one everyday if I could afford it!!

What beverage can you just not get enough of?

Photo is from tumblr and is not mine

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