Current Obsessions: February 2012

I just love these current obsessions posts. The list is always changing!



1. Food Blogs

I’ve started following a number of food blogs on Tumblr and can’t get enough! I’m constantly reblogging photos of cupcakes and pasta. It’s amazing how beautifully food is captured in a lot of the photos.

2. Nail Polish

After buying a few China Glaze nail polishes, I’m hooked. I’ve never been one to paint my finger nails so this was a pretty drastic change for me, but I love the beautiful colors and how much painted nails add to an outfit.

3. Daily Recaps in My Life Planner

I’ve started writing short diary posts after every day in my planner and wish I would have started doing this sooner. It’s a quick way to put a little detail about what happened each day, without being a big time consuming task like writing in my diary would sometimes be.

4. Corgis

These dogs are adorable. I’m sincerely considering getting one once I have my first real home.

5. Pastel/Vintage Looking Photographs

I’m seeing this style of photo all over tumblr lately and am absolutely loving it. I’ve always been a fan for vintage photos, so I really like how modern photos can now have that vintage look.

6. Jewelry Organization

The days of the jewelry box are over. I’ve moved to using craft storage boxes to organize my jewelry and I’m incredibly happy with the results. I can see all my jewelry easily now and things don’t get tangled!

7. Blazers

I adore them. Probably my favorite type of clothing ever. They dress up any outfit and I just love how I look in them.

The photos are from tumblr and are not mine

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