5 Minutes of Facebook

Over a week ago I suddenly decided I no longer wanted to waste my time aimlessly wandering around Facebook for hours at a time. My sorority does a lot of conversing through Facebook though, so I couldn’t cut it out completely like I was strongly considering. I opted for only spending 5 minutes a day on Facebook, and I’ve been seriously loving it.

5 minutes is long enough to check all my notifications, look at events, and quickly scroll through all the Greek related groups I am in. I’ve noticed a few things about life now that Facebook takes up so much less of my time:

1. I know very little about the drama in Greek Life/life in general. I love this. I get the only the best out of being Greek and let everyone else deal with the petty shit Facebook brings out.

2. I have loads more time to devote to more worthwhile activities. Hence the increase in blog posts. Writing posts is significantly more productive then reading snarky comment fights on Facebook.

3. It’s even easier now to separate real friends from Facebook friends. The people that text or call me are the ones that matter.

4. You seriously don’t need Facebook. Sure it’s a good way to stay in touch with people, but you can do that with a phone call, text message, or my favorite method, a well-thought out, handwritten letter.

5. Being disconnected from what everyone else is up to has me enjoying what I’m up to so much more. It no longer feels like a competition to have the most interesting, exciting life.

I’m so glad I made this change. I’m already much happier because of it

All the photos are from tumblr and are not mine

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