My (Currently Fictitious) Coffee Table

Coffee tables intrigue me. What’s on a person’s coffee table can tell you a lot about them: what they’re hobbies are, what they’re interested in, etc. Although I currently don’t have a coffee table, I already know the sorts of things I’ll be putting on mine. Here’s an idea:

1. My Coaster Collection

The plan is to find a coffee table with glass top and room beneath it to display things so I can spread out the fifty or so coasters I’ve collected from restaurants over the years but keep them safe from any damage.

2. Pictures of Walls Book

I got this book from a modern art museum while I was in London. It’s just a collection of photographs of “amatuer” graffiti around the world. It’s cute, entertaining, and the perfect coffee table book.

3. Diana F+ Book

A nice book filled with lomography that any future guest will enjoy flipping through as I get them a drink or something. Plus, as an added bonus, it also tells the history of the Diana camera.

4. A Book About Cupcakes

Cupcakes not only taste delicious, but look so adorable. I’m sure I’d end up flipping through the book on cupcakes hundreds of times myself if it’s on my coffee table. Maybe I’d end up trying to a make a few of them!

5. A bowl of candy

The bowl will be awesome and the candy fresh. Of course.

What’s on your coffee table (real or future)?

The photos are from all over and are not mine.

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