In Turn: My Experiences as an Advertising Intern #3

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at the agency!! Like most jobs (hell, life in general) there are good days and bad days. In general though, I’ve been enjoying my time and learning quite a lot about a variety of aspects of the business.

Since about a month ago I’ve been working on decorations for an Alice in Wonderland themed event. I’ve really enjoyed having creative freedom on a number of different aspects of the event. I made sure to take photos for my portfolio:

The event turned out amazing and I heard later (I couldn’t afford the very expensive price per plate) everyone loved the decorations!

I’ve written a few press releases for actual events (unlike all my past press releases that were completely made up) that I’ll be able to use in the future as well.

However today was one of the most frustrating days of this whole experience. As soon as I walked into the agency I was rushed back out again on a pretty silly errand. I was asked to run to an Office Max to find avery specific folder that I knew before I made it back to my car there was no way I was going to find this thing. So off I went, finding nothing after two stores, and was told to find a “unique” folder or just get black ones. It’s the off season for school supplies so there wasn’t anything “unique” and I ended up grabbing average black folders.

Once back in the office I was faced with the task of trying to get reimbursed for everything. I left for the day still needing to be repaid $5. I had returned to working on something else when I overheard the Big Boss talking to the Sales Lady about the folders. He literally called them “crap” and “something a high schooler would use”. Although he didn’t say it to my face, it still hurt. What was I supposed to do with the directions I was given? What other result did the Big Boss expect?

I was in quite the sour mood after that, feeling as if I wasn’t making a good impression on anyone in the office. I felt better when the Boss gave me a media planning/buying task I had been wanting to try my hand in for a while, but I still was taking the whole situation too personally.

Good days or bad, I’m lucky to have this internship and get hands on experience in the field. These crappy days are going to happen, and people are going to be unnecessarily rude. I’ll grow tough skin, and ultimately dominate this business. Or at least get very close.


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