Greek Life: When Exciting Things Happen Out of the Blue

One day on a whim I decided to start a Greek tumblr called Greek Guide. The basic point of the tumblr is to share tips, tricks, advice, etc. to Greeks and those considering becoming Greek. I started it at a point in my sorority life when I was struggling to remember why I joined, what made being Greek so great, and why I loved it. I had no idea it would actually become something that people wanted to follow. I have people asking me questions about Greek Life related things, reblogging my posts, and sending in suggestions of new posts. I’m completely shocked at the success Greek Guide has had.

A month or so ago I was contacted by a girl in another sorority from a different campus asking if she could write a blog piece about me and Greek Guide for her sorority’s national website. I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it even though the article posted yesterday. This is all so amazing and I feel like my tumblr is actually doing something; inspiring people to see the good in Greek Life. I know it’s helped to remind me of everything great about being Greek.

Want to read the blog post about Greek Guide? Click the above image.


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