Adventure: Ann Arbor

A few weeks ago Logan and I decided to plan a mini road trip to IKEA (because he’s never been there and it’s one of my favorite places ever) and Ann Arbor. School has been pretty boring lately so it was fantastic to have something to look forward to and propel me forward. So this past weekend we set out on our adventure.

IKEA was fun mostly because Logan pretended to be Swedish the entire time. He did an alarmingly good job at it. We covered the entire store quicker than I had planned, but we were more excited for the Ann Arbor leg of the trip anyway.

We made it to Ann Arbor with only a few wrong turns and I was incredibly proud of myself for driving through those busy streets. We parked the car in a packed parking structure and found ourselves out on the streets after a number of flights of stairs. Our first stop (like on every Ann Arbor trip) was to the Graffiti Alley.

Of course it looked completely different than the last time I had visited. For the first time ever I remembered to bring sharpie’s and Logan and I had fun writing on the walls.

Our next stop was a local bakery where I spent way too much money on a peanut butter cup cupcake. Luckily it was incredibly delicious to make it ALMOST worth the price.

We did more walking, but were running out of things to do at this point because we hadn’t planned on having so much time to kill before meeting up with my best friend Lauren and her boyfriend Nick for dinner. Logan and I found a cafe where he bought some delicious drink that doubled as a hand warmer. We contemplated our next move and considered visiting Lauren at her job on campus when she gave us a wonderful idea: to hunt for Fairy Doors. After some googling we found the approximate location of these infamous doors and headed out to find them. We stumbled on the first one by accident while heading to another location.

I was so excited about this hunt. Excited to the point of it being a little ridiculous. Logan allowed me to be excited though as we traipsed across Ann Arbor finding one door after the other.

We found all the doors we could a little bit before meeting up with Lauren and Nick, so we took a stroll through some of the buildings on Central campus. One building in particular reminded me of a prison or a psych ward. How incredibly unpleasant would it be to have classes in an environment like that?!

We met up for dinner at Noodles & Company where I excitedly got to order macaroni and cheese. We ate dinner, had some fantastic conversation, then headed back to Lauren’s dorm. She had recently found the script to a play she and I had written back in middle school, so we decided to all act it out together. It was one of the most hilarious experiences of my life!! It was so much fun.

Afterward we headed back downtown for frozen yogurt, then Logan and I made the journey back home tired, but happy to have had such a fun filled day.


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