In Turn: My Experiences as an Advertising Intern #2

Today was the best day of my internship thus far. I was busy the entire time I was there with interesting things to do. Here are some highlights from my day:

  • I was moved into the production room where it’s warmer because the agency hired a new woman who took my usual desk out in the cold lobby.
  • I now work at one of the design computers so I get to use a pretty, shiny Mac.
  • I created an actual, legit press release. Gone are the days of fake press releases for fake companies.
  • I shredded hundreds of entry forms that I had inputted into a spreadsheet a week ago. I was a shredding machine!
  • I mildly annoyed Boss for the first time by asking one too many questions, but I also think I’ve been impressing her with my efficiency.
  • I finished up an envelope/prize promotion I’ve been working on for a few days. I really liked seeing the project through to the end.
  • I was given a company email address!
  • With aforementioned email address I emailed a number of different stores about their promotional card supplies. I felt so important sending emails from my smancy new email address.

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