In Turn: My Experiences as an Advertising Intern #1

Today marked my first day at my new internship; the one whose interview had me all sorts of anxious a few weeks ago. As I walked the couple of blocks to the office–only running on a few hours of anxiety filled sleep from the night before–I felt optimistic. I arrived at the advertising agency exactly as a nearby church chimed the hour and I was pleased at how perfectly I had timed my walk.

My boss and her girl Friday (what I’ll be calling them from now on) were rushing around accomplishing morning tasks and getting the paper work ready for me as I stood trying to not be as awkward as I had been at the interview. I made a silent vow to myself to speak up and be less meek; I chalked the brief meeting with Boss about the basic outline of my internship as a success.

I was then guided by Girl Friday through the ins and outs of the office and all the classic intern-y things I would be doing. As Boss and Girl Friday mulled over what I could do for the first day, Boss let out a few comments that slightly dripped with “gotta love having an intern to do all the crappy tasks.”

And happy I was to do them. I spent the rest of my first day typing up addresses and emails from a drawing the agency did for one of their tire company clients. As I struggled trying to read countless indecipherable scrawlings, I amused myself by noting ridiculous email addresses. After a particularly terrible one (“mama smurf”), I saw this as an opportunity to build some rapport with Girl Friday. She laughed at the address and empathized about the horrid handwriting on most of the sheets. I could feel a smidgen of formality chip away between us. Another success.

After putting in data for over 50 people with terrible handwriting and a few more interesting email addresses later (“I live in volcanic ash” being my favorite), I wiped down the overly shiny counters in the front lobby like the intern that I am and was released.

I already have a game plan in place for conquering this internship. I’ve seen enough TV shows and movies to know the tricks from going from a lowly intern to someone with insight and ideas that are valuable and wanted. I have to wow them with how easy all the mundane tasks are (in the scenario in my head I’m chuckling as I say, “Psh, it was nothing”) so they start giving me things with meat. I’ve been told I’ll be able to work on actual campaigns, but I don’t want to waste time doing silly tasks trying to show them that I’ve mastered the ability to refill printers.

I’m excited to see where this new opportunity takes me.

Photo is from here.

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