The End of The 4.0

With finals in full swing and the semester drawing to a close, I have to face the facts: I will no longer have a 4.0 after this semester.

I took a mathematics course in order to fill general education requirements that I knew would prove to be difficult for me, but still I registered for the course with high hopes that I could overcome my inability to understand math. I worked my ass off, studying more than I ever have before, only to remain firmly stuck in the B range.

Don’t get me wrong, a B in an extremely weak subject is very respectable, but for me it goes deeper than that. When I decided to stay in my hometown and go to a smaller, “less impressive” university, I knew I’d get flack from my high school peers. They all headed to “big name” schools with big tuition fees attached to the name, something I could never be able to afford. I promised myself that I would prove not only to them but also myself that I chose the university I did not because I couldn’t get into anywhere better, but because I was thinking about my financial situation among other things. I needed to maintain a perfect gpa on top of being in the honors program, working two (sometimes three) jobs, and being actively involved in a sorority. I had to do it all.

I’ve also become known for my gpa. Greek Life has made me more outgoing, but I’m still pretty quiet. I had the highest gpa of all of Greek Life, something people remember. It gave a quiet girl a name that she could use so people could get to know her beyond her shyness.

I know things aren’t going to drastically change once I no longer have my 4.0, but I still kind of feel like I’ve let myself down. I know I tried my best though with the math course, and I don’t regret taking a class I knew would be challenging. I didn’t take the easy road out with a simple class just to fill the requirement. I challenged myself, and I’m better because of it.


One thought on “The End of The 4.0

  1. I think you are right, you challenged yourself and are better because of it. A perfect GPA is great, and always something to strive for, but don’t beat yourself up over this. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I think it speak volumes about your character that you did not choose the easy way out. You continue to challenge yourself, grow and be proud of all of your accomplishments.

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