A Year of Greek Life: A Reflection

With the new pledge class just a few short weeks away from being initiated, I can’t help but to think back on my last year in the sorority and everything that’s happened.

1. I’ve made some amazing new friends.

If I hadn’t decided to go Greek, I highly doubt I would have ever met any of the people that are now incredibly important in my life. I’m not just talking about within my own organization, but within other Greek orgs on my campus and the one close by.

2. I’ve learned a lot about myself.

Being in an organization full of different personalities hasn’t been easy. Honestly, more times than not it’s more work than enjoyable. But through it all I’ve learned a lot about who I am as a person, who I want to be, and who I NEVER want to become. I’m determining what I believe in and what’s worth fighting for with every passing day.

3. I’m more outgoing.

I feel like the majority of bloggers tend to be quiet, reserved people. Greek Life hasn’t completely killed the recluse within me, but I’ve gotten much more comfortable in group situations and with meeting new people. I go to parties and events I would have never considered going to a year ago.

4. I’ve stopped taking shit from people.

Before Greek Life I was kind of a pushover. I figured why bother fighting when I could just accept things as they were. With recent events it’s become apparent that the pushover version of myself is long gone. If I think something’s unjust or not right, I’ll no longer sit quietly by, but will do something about it.

5. I’ve found my place.

I don’t want to kid anyone and say that my sorority is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. It could very well be for someone else, but for me it’s just a part of my life, not the whole thing. However I have to give Greek Life credit for giving me a place to belong. I know where I stand in the campus food chain. I’m not another face in the crowd, but a Greek.



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