Why there has been a complete lack of blog posts

This post is all about excuses! Yay!

  1. I’ve become thoroughly addicted to tumblr. I just love the image postings and how simple it is to post a quick rant about something that just happened in my life. It’s simplicity makes my poor wordpress blog seem much more daunting. I like to have long, well thought out posts on wordpress.
  2. I’ve been traveling a lot lately (Kentucky, NYC, Canada) so finding spare time to write about the experiences hasn’t been easy. I will however complete the NYC/Niagara Falls ones soon
  3. I’ve been packing up all my belongings because I’m moving again! I’m incredibly excited about this move because I can now FINALLY get a kitten. My old apartment had strict rules about no pets, but now I can go out to the humane shelter and find some little guy to take care of.
  4. My sorority commitments are starting to take up a lot of my spare time.
  5. I’ve been spending my summer hanging out with my bestie Lauren and just enjoying the downtime before fall semester hits and things go bananas and I’ll return to blogging as a quick break from the insanity.

But don’t you fear! The recent removal of my wisdom teeth has me stuck in a bed trying to relax, so more posts? Here they come!


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