Adventure: New York City – Day One (July 28, 2011)

There were really bad storms the night before my sister Kristy, mom and I left for our trip to New York City. The power was out at my parents’ house when we left in the morning, and it rained a majority of the way to New Jersey where we were staying for the trip. We had some difficultly with the GPS system in the beginning because it was set to avoid toll roads. We pulled off the road somewhere in Ohio to fix it.

About three or so hours away from our destination, we suddenly found ourselves at a dead stop on a highway in the middle of Pennsylvania. We ended up sitting there surrounded by trucks and other cars for three hours.


Kristy and I went for a walk to see if we could see the accident up ahead of us. We walked past people out of their cars talking to their neighbors around them. We even made friends with truck drivers around our car and got updates on the wait and the accident from what we dubbed “trucker radio.” All the truck drivers were sharing information they gathered with one another.


The road we were on was surrounded by deep valleys on either side, so when I ended up having to go the bathroom, drastic measures had to be taken. I ended up having to pee on the actual highway between to car doors. Luckily it was raining to help wash it away, but I still cannot believe I had to use an actual highway road as my bathroom, but drastic times require drastic measures.


When we finally drove past the accident, there were at least three semi-trucks (one of which was an oil tanker: the cleanup of all the spilled oil made our wait longer) and a white moving van involved. We made it to our hotel in Jersey City around midnight and crashed quickly knowing we had a very big first day in the city in only a few hours.


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