How ABC Family’s Greek is Neither an Accurate nor Inaccurate Portrayal of Greek Life

With a week until my summer class starts, my best friend in the Dominican Republic volunteering at a hospital for a few weeks, and all the people I want to hang out with in another state or even country, I’ve had a lot of downtime to fill. Netflix Instantly has been really hit and miss for me lately, but when I found ABC Family’s Greek (which I watched before I turned Greek myself), I found something to fill my time.

I found myself comparing and contrasting how the fraternities and sororities in the show compare with the Greek life I know of, and these are the similarities and differences I’ve come up with:

1. Hazing is looked on much more negatively and harshly than in the show.

2. Not all Greek organizations have giant mansions for houses, and some (like mine) don’t have a house we live in.

3. Each organization does in fact have its own unique personality.

4. Sorority girls are not all cliche pretty girls who aren’t very smart and are well-off like the show portrays them to be.

5. There’s a larger stress on Greek Unity than constant competition and rivalry between the houses.


There are probably more, and I may continue to update this list as I watch more episodes…

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