Things I Miss

Even though I love college life, there are still a few things from my past that I desperately miss.

1. Water Polo

Even though I occasionally still play on a club team my sister started at her university, it’s not the same as playing with my old team from high school (I was #22 for the five years I played). I miss everything about water polo: the girls, my coach coach, just the game in general. They have districts in a few weeks and it’s so weird to not be playing with them anymore.

2. Summer Shenanigans

The summer between junior and senior year and before college were filled with days at the park, adventures, and shenanigans. We played ultimate frisbee day in and day out. I really miss being outside so often, and with my favorite people. It’s just not the same anymore.

3. Hanging out with my sister

In the first few years of high school, my sister and I saw each other every day. We drove to school together, had swim practice together, and a myriad of other things. Now that we’re both in college doing our own separate things, I see a lot less of her. I miss hanging out with her, and when I do get the chance, it reminds me of how much fun she is and how I wish we could spend more time together. Hopefully now that it’s summer we’ll be able to more.

4. My best friends

With David at Princeton and Lauren at the University of Michigan, I don’t get to see my two best friends as much as I would like. That’s probably one of the hardest things about college: not having them around or as easily accessible. I still try and keep in touch with them, but it’s really hard with all of us being so busy.


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