And this is why I love Easter (An Adventure)

Easter is my favorite holiday, without a shadow of a doubt. Ever since I was a little kid, Easter was this epic combination of Christmas and Halloween with an awesome scavenger hunt. Easter has always had the best candy, the best mascot, the best color scheme…

Now that I’m almost 19, I knew the Easters of my youth were behind me and I’d have to wait until I had my own kids in order to carry on the awesome Easter tradition Momma Bear has created through years of fantastic Easters. So when I was woken up by a text with a clue as to where to find the first hidden egg, I was more than a little confused.

Momma Bear had metaphorically put her bunny ears on once again to create an epic Easter egg hunt for me throughout the city. Once I finally realized what was going on, I dragged the boyfriend out of bed to pilot our adventure.

What was so unbelievably cool about this egg hunt was that all the places where eggs were hidden had some sort of connection with me, even if it was just knowing where they were after living in the city for so long. It wasn’t a generic egg hunt with clues that took a lot of research to figure out.

It was my personal egg hunt, that took me to the old Carriage factory where I had some senior photos done…

to the bar where a lot of college kids (me included) go on Thursdays…

to a Gandhi statue I’ve always wanted to go to but had yet to take the short walk to on campus…

to the gallery where some of my photography will be on display next month…

to the Capital theater that I hope will one day be restored…

and to so many other places. The hunt was amazing. At the end I met up with Momma Bear where she handed me a bag filled with all my favorite goodies. Even all the fabulous Easters of my youth could not top this. Best Easter ever.


3 thoughts on “And this is why I love Easter (An Adventure)

  1. It was an explanation of your journey that I looked forward to… Glad you loved it, but the only way to top this one is to have you travel the State next year! Uh, not going to happen 🙂

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