Things I’ve Learned Thus Far in College

With two full semesters of college under my metaphorical belt, I’ve learned quite a lot. Sure I’ve learned copious amounts of information about the history of graphic design, but I’ve learned even more things that aren’t subject based.

1. A lot of people smoke.

Even the people I would have never pegged to be smokers I see cigarette in hand. Before college I figured there were fewer and fewer smokers out there because of all the known health risks, but more importantly for college students, how insanely expensive cigarettes are these days.

2. Classes are not that hard.

There could be a number of reasons why this is…I’m not taking challenging classes, I haven’t gotten far enough into my major for the hard stuff to begin, I’m attending a college that may not challenge me like another one would, etc. I’ve found that I’ve had to work more than I did in high school, but I’m still maintaining a 4.0 GPA without stressing too much.

3. The parties are better.

Maybe this is because the only parties I ever went to in high school were dull (yet enjoyable for someone like me) honors kid parties, but college parties are in fact much more fun. I’m not talking about the drinking ones either. College parties in general are better.

4. Getting involved keeps you from losing your mind.

I know people say this all the time, and they aren’t lying to you are trying to make you overbook yourself until you fall down dead from exhaustion. The key to surviving mind-numbing lectures is having something to take your mind off of it afterward. Join a Greek organization, club, do anything. Joining my sorority (although very stressful at times) keeps me sane.

5. You can be happy no matter what college you attend as long as you have the right mindset

I’ll admit, I wasn’t too thrilled to be going to a university that is obviously looked down upon by my peers from high school going to big name schools or even Ivy Leagues. It initially made me feel bad about myself, like I wasn’t smart enough to go to those other schools when really it just came down to location and what I could afford. Once here though, I knew I made the right decision. I love everything about this university, and if I had gone to one of the bigger schools I had been accepted to, I wouldn’t know the people I do now. You can be happy no matter what school you go to, as long as you don’t let the asinine opinions of others make you think less of yourself. The fact that you’re going to college is something in itself to be proud of.

6. Your friendships are stronger.

In high school it’s different. Most of my friends were my friends because we all had the same classes every day and it was easier to hang out with them than sit awkwardly alone. But in college, the friends you have become your family. You aren’t friends with people out of convenience, but because you actually sincerely want to spend time with them. You’re too busy and too crunched for time to waste precious hours with people you’re only so-so about.

7. Time magically speeds up.

I swear, while you’re in college, time goes by at the speed of light and events are a lot more condensed. I remember in high school how the Homecoming dance occupied everyone’s minds for weeks, just because there wasn’t anything else happening. Friday night football games brought crowds and were the highlight of the week. In college, so much stuff happens (parties, events, everyday shenanigans) in such a short period of time. Life becomes so much more fast paced, and it’s fantastic.

We all have different, individual college experiences, so I’m really curious to see what other people have learned from theirs. Be sure to leave a comment and help the list grow.


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