Greek Life: Take Back the Night

I found myself volunteering to read a narrative at an upcoming event called Take Back the Night before I really understood what I was getting myself into. They had said they needed people to read personal narratives and statistics, and as I’m a fan of reading things, I thought I’d help out along with a few other sorority sisters. I never realized the huge impact participating in Take Back the Night would have on me.

Take Back the Night is an organization that hosts events to raise awareness about sexual assault and abuse. It wasn’t just about women victims, but men and children as well. The entire event was about becoming aware, taking a stand, and fighting back.  I was given the first anonymous narrative to read, and just by luck it happened to be the hardest of all the narratives to read. I was so nervous about reading it not because of the content, but because of wanting to make sure I honored the victim by putting as much emotion as I could into it and telling it the best I could.

After I had finished reading, one of my sisters met me as I was returning to my seat to give me a hug. Tears rushed to my eyes immediately as she put her arms around me. I can only imagine what that girl felt like actually living the events in the narrative, when I was on the verge of tears just from reading them.

I’m glad Take Back the Night and their mission hit me so powerfully. I need something I can stand behind and support with all my heart, and the feeling I had as I was reading that girl’s story is reason enough.


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