Happy Birthday Dad

I’m fortunate enough to have an amazing relationship with my parents, so when it’s one of their birthdays, I tend to get really weird and mushy.

Today is the day my father was born. It’s kind of an important day in my life as well seeing as he played a pretty big role in my existence.

I get weird on my mom’s and my dad’s birthdays because I always think more about how lucky I am to have people like them supporting me.

But our relationship goes beyond them helping financially or offering encouragement, my parents are two of my best friends.

Now that my sister and I aren’t living at the house anymore, I was worried about my parents. They surprised both my sister and I with how they’ve been enjoying their empty nest. They’re going on trips, having fancy dinners, and going to shows and events. I couldn’t be happier that my parents still enjoy hanging out with each other.

I know I don’t tell either of them this as much as I should, but I sincerely love spending time with them. We get into some really interesting situations, and we always end up laughing. I know nowadays, not many people can say they enjoy and prefer hanging out with their parents.

So to my dad on his birthday: I know you’re not one for expressing your emotions out loud, but I know you love and care for me, want to keep me safe, and want me to succeed. I work so hard at school and other aspects in my life because I want to make everything you and mom have done for me worth it. You’ve given me and Kristy a wonderful life and we could never have asked for a better father. I love you dad. Have a happy birthday.


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