My Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Let me just start off by saying that this will not turn into a rant about how Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday even though I strongly believe in the likelihood that it probably is.

I admit, I have mixed feelings towards Valentine’s Day. It’s nice to have a day specifically designed to tell the people you love that you care about them, but why do you need a specific day in order to do that? The amount you love someone shouldn’t vary depending on the date.

Many people believe that Valentine’s Day is only for those who are in a relationship, while the single people just have to suffer through it. I don’t subscribe to this belief because even though I’m in a relationship, Valentine’s Day feels no different to me now that I’m in a relationship than when I wasn’t.

In the end, it’s just a holiday. I don’t see many people getting upset over Arbor Day, so what is it about Valentine’s Day that has a whole slew of people against it? I wonder if jealousy plays a part. Those who hate Valentine’s Day do so because they are envious of those who have someone to enjoy it with?

Or maybe the anti-Valentine’s Day campaign gathers its members from those who think it’s just one big conspiracy the flower, card, candy, and stuffed animal companies created in order to pressure people into buying pointless things to show how much they love someone.

The only clout something like Valentine’s Day has is the power you give it. The boyfriend and I agreed not to do anything special, and I’m perfectly happy with that. When you expect someone to do something nice for you, it loses its meaning, so why put so much pressure on your Valentine to deliver?


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