Greek Life: Relay for Life

My sorority decided that we will participate in Relay for Life this year and I’m really glad we are. My grandma died of cancer a few years ago, and it seems like everyone has been affected by cancer in some way.

I miss her, and often I find myself wondering what she would say if she could see me now, see the person I’ve become. I know she would be proud, but it’s different when all I can do is assume or speculate, and not have her here to give me a hug and tell me herself.

I’ve never participated in Relay for Life before, which I’m disappointed in myself about. We had a team at my high school, but I just never got involved because of sports or other extra curricular activities. There was always some excuse. I’m angry with myself for not getting involved sooner, but at least now I am.

( : Kayla


2 thoughts on “Greek Life: Relay for Life

    • I wish she could see us now…I think she’d be really proud of you for everything you’ve done, are doing, and will do. You set such a good example for the rest of us.

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