Just One of Those Days

Today started off well enough as do most Wednesdays. The boyfriend and I have been going through some “growing pains” and trying to figure out how to make our relationship as strong as it possibly can be while he’s away this semester for work, so when I went to my speech class I already wasn’t in the greatest of spirits.

My professor had taken the time to print out our grades and have a mini conference with us over them at the beginning of class. I knew I was in pretty good shape as I usually am grade wise, but then I saw this.

I had taken that test. During the Snowpocalypse in the living room of my parents house in fact, yet my results had just vanished into cyberspace never to be seen again. Excellent.

If you haven’t quite figured out the type of person I am yet, this event is a very good indication. I’m a borderline perfectionist when it comes to my education, so having a zero for an assignment is not ok, especially if it’s for something I’m positive I completed.

Has this ever happened to anyone else with online courses or with a course where the tests are online? I’m sure I’m not the only one to have my day ruined by vanishing test scores. Luckily there’s extra credit.

I’ve learned my lesson, and I hope at least one person will take something away from this. I’ve taken two more tests this afternoon and made sure to print the confirmation screens for verification if this happens again.

It was just one of those days. Fortunately I hung out with one of my sorority sisters and toured her house and the room I will most likely be moving into next fall before we went and worked our butts off at Zumba.


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