Thoughts in the Early Hours

When I start blogging again I always start using ffffound! It’s fantastic, yet filled with crap you have to weed through making the stuff you do find so much better because you had to work for it. But then you find stuff like this…

…which makes English and words and writing amazing. It makes you feel something. Symbols that form words that form sentences that form thoughts make you actually FEEL something. Something beyond yourself, something that sometimes makes you feel small or something that sometimes makes you feel powerful, like you can do something bigger than yourself and not just be some small insignificant speck, but someone who deserved to live and who lived well. But you also feel connected too because someone felt the same way you’re feeling and someone took the time to put it into words, amazing words, and let it float out into the world to touch people.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but everything started from somewhere. From a tiny corner in some person’s mind something’s thought up, and then it’s created, toiled over, and put out into the world and more often than not it isn’t given the praise it deserves. Everything sprang from a mind, which makes the idea of God kind of make sense, at least the theory and possible reasoning behind it all.


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