The New Kayla

Since the last time I posted I’ve become a completely new person. Not to sound drastic or melodramatic, but it’s alarming how true that statement is. The changes have been beyond good, but because of them, this blog is going to go through some changes as well. I’ve decided that I want to start posting more often as a means to relax and take a break from the hectic life I’m now leading, but I haven’t decided what direction to take it in. Any suggestions are of course greatly appreciated.

It’s going to become more personal this blog of mine. I had a tendency to keep away from details and remain on the surface of my personality in past posts, but I’ve decided to steer “Under the Microscope” back to what it was originally intended for: examining my life. Therefore I should start to focus more on my life shouldn’t I?!

There will be more photographs. I call myself a photographer yet too many of my posts are void of photographs. That will change. Not with this post of course, but the future ones ( :

The next few posts will be for updating and informing you– those who happen to stumble upon this or still continue to faithfully wait for my return– about the new changes in my life.

I’m excited to begin again.

( : Kayla


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