Sisters by Choice

When the actual sister joined a sorority at her university two years ago, I laughed and said I could never be a sorority girl. Of course, I was completely wrong, but I didn’t know that yet. Little did I know that two years later in my first full semester of college I would make a decision that I can confidently say is the greatest decision I have ever made.

I can’t say exactly what made me decide to go to the recruitment events and rush a sorority. Maybe I did it because Momma Bear and the boyfriend were worried about me becoming a recluse in my apartment only going outside to go to classes. That’s understandable…it’s a nice apartment.

Maybe I did it to follow in the actual sister’s footsteps like I have been doing since I was little. She has yet to lead me astray.

Those were factors, but not powerful enough influences to motivate me. Whatever it was that motivated me to go, I went to the two weeks of recruitment events for myself and not for anyone else. No one else was there with me when I nervously met the girls that I would later call my sisters.

I remember the first time I met them. I had walked into the room with the other potentials and was herded in front of a banner for a picture. I shared some witty commentary with the girl with a camera identical to the one I have. I talked to countless girls, and for the first time since I started going to the recruitment events, I actually felt comfortable. This sorority was different to me than the others, more real.

Not knowing what I that I was about to make the greatest decision of my life, I made the jump and decided to join along with twelve other amazing girls.

That was over four months ago. Now I’m an active sister after being initiated in December and can’t imagine going a day without talking to my sisters.

I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past few months thanks to my sisters, two of them in particular.

Bestie (middle) and my Big Sister (left; who will now forever be referred to as Big) keep me sane every single day, which isn’t an easy thing to do.

I don’t even want to imagine my life without this wonderful sorority. I can’t believe I almost passed up the opportunity to have a penguin as a mascot.

( : Kayla


3 thoughts on “Sisters by Choice

  1. To be completely honest, I was a little surprised when you chose us…I thought you didn’t like me (but then again, you didn’t know I was a member). I’m so happy to call you sister.

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