Film Making

Backstory: The boyfriend went back to Canada (where he lived before he moved to Michigan) before going to Princeton for college. We had the idea to start a YouTube channel as an interesting, creative way to keep in touch. We’ve made a few videos each about silly various things, and started what we’re currently calling “challenges”. I gave the boyfriend the first challenge (watch the video where I challenge him here) to create a short film about public transportation.

What he created blew my mind. Watch it.

I always knew the boyfriend liked making videos and short films, but this was something else entirely. I’ve gained a new found respect for those in the film making business, but more for those who do it just as a hobby. These past few weeks I’ve been attempting to make my own videos for the channel, and it is an incredibly difficult and intricate process.

I always knew a lot of effort goes into making anything film/video related, but I really had no clue how much or how gifted a person has to be to create things like this.


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