Neglect Can Be a Good Thing

Neglect usually brings up images of sickly looking animals or a garden overgrown with weeds, but sometimes (like in the case of this blog) neglect can be a good thing. It’s obvious my attention to Under the Microscope can easily be classified as blatant neglect, but I’m going to refer to the time spent away from this blog as a hiatus of sorts.

Not posting has allowed me to have even more freedom to experience things and focus on other aspects of my life like photography. In the time away, I’ve grown as a person, developed more interests, and obtained things to talk about. This blog has taken a back burner for a while, but with college a few weeks away, I’m hoping to change that.

I’m going to be partaking in a project my friend Will (check out his personal blog here) cleverly devised called the twentyeleven project. He describes it as a community of bloggers capturing the “senior experience” from before senior year in high school, during it, and afterward–that’s where I come in. Talking to him about this project has gotten me really thinking about getting back into this blog.

I don’t have any wonderful ideas or any motivation to revamp the site, but I do have a rekindled desire to blog. Plus with The Final Summer Project drawing to a close, I’m going to need to fill that void.

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