Why Getting a Tripod for My Graduation Gift is the Greatest Thing Ever

If you don’t have a camera or a video camera, then obviously a tripod is no where near the top of the want list, but for me, this graduation gift is the greatest thing that could have ever happened. I’ll share with you why:


1. I can now experiment with slower shutter speeds on my camera without the risk of body movement messing the photo up.

2. I can now experiment with night photography that was incredibly difficult without a tripod.

3. It’s now easier to make YouTube videos than my previous “camera on top of a stack of boxes” method.

4. Since I’m getting into the senior photography business, a tripod makes me seem that much more legit.


Needless to say I’m incredibly thrilled about this and my mind is already racing with photography ideas with my new, amazing tripod. Thanks mom and dad!


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