What Am I Now?

With only one day left as a high school senior, I am no longer fit to wear that label. So what am I now? I’ve signed up to take a summer course at the university I’m going to be attending next fall, so does that make me a freshman in college? Ever since I started school, every last day of school all my friends and I would run up to one another and call each other our new labels. On the last day of elementary school, we were now middle schoolers. Does that logic still apply at the end of high school?

This uncertainty of what I am is due largely to the fact that I’m on the cusp of terrifying unknowns so at the very least I’d like to know what I am as I’m tumbling into the darkness. I don’t think I’m ready to consider myself a freshman in college, probably not until the fall semester starts enough though I will have already taken a college class.

Growing up everyone stressed and lectured about how bad labels are, but in some cases, it’s nice to know where you stand. There must be a rule or common practice that dictates what you are when you are in between things. Am I just an In-Betweener?

2 thoughts on “What Am I Now?

  1. You are a possible roommate, a good friend, a prosperous student, and an intelligent young woman who will soon find out who she is.

  2. You are what you want to be. Make your own label. If you seek a label now, you will continue to seek a label later. You have now begun an independent life– so embrace the independence. Show your independent spirit by creating a label so original that when others hear it, they drop their jaws in awe of something so magnificent. Or make it something ridiculously hilarious to brighten someone’s day.

    (If you insist on having a label, then yes, you may call yourself a College Freshman, assuming we follow the “I am now officially a member of the next grade up after the last day of school” standard that has been followed since elementary school. The more important question to consider is what label you plan to use after college.)

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