An Envelope In Another Envelope?

So in the attempt to not be swallowed alive by my To-Do list in the upcoming months, I decided to get all of my graduation announcements addressed and ready to go. This lead me to a very interesting discovery.


There were two envelopes for each announcement; one of the envelopes did not have the adhesive strip to close it. Of course, not being accustomed to the practices of graduation announcement etiquette I was confused and felt like a complete noob.


I asked my mom why I had 100 envelopes for 50 announcements and her only response was that the announcement first went into the unsealable one, and then that went into the sealable one. When I inquired why, she shrugged, said, “That’s just how it’s done,” and went back to her work.


So I did this. I put an announcement in an envelope in another envelope while the entire time I felt ridiculous doing so. I couldn’t let this absurdity rest; I had to know the reason behind this. So I googled it and stumbled upon the tiny prints website where I finally got my answer (taken right from the website):


The idea behind the double envelope originally came from wedding invitations. The envelope containing the wedding invitation used to get soiled from shipping and handling while in transit. In order to be able to give every recipient a new, unsoiled envelope, vendors began enclosing the invitation inside a second envelope. While double enveloping is very common among wedding invitations, only the most elegant birth announcements and party invitations should use a double envelope.


I no longer feel foolish for putting an envelope inside another one, and besides those who read this, no one will know my complete ignorance on the practice of fancy invitation/announcement sending.


2 thoughts on “An Envelope In Another Envelope?

  1. I’d never heard of this. It sounds like a waste of paper, since I don’t ever remember getting a “soiled” letter. I’m not even sure the last wedding invite I got came in a double envelope, or I surely would have remembered such an inefficiency.

  2. Your lucky mom didnt notice that there were two envelopes for each invitation for mine and by the 25th one i had discovered that she wasn’t putting them together right. So 25 people only got one envelope. No one complained or said anything lol. So thats why mom didnt know why there were two, she just learned two years ago that you were supposed to use two.

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