Your Average Everyday Love Story: Part Two

My continued addiction to Netflix Watch Instantly has caused me to stumble on a love that beats all of the other couples I have previously mentioned. BBC’s Robin Hood is now among the select few of my favorite television shows. Robin Hood and Marian’s love made me cry time and time again as I watched the three seasons in a week’s time. It’s perfect, but not to the point that it’s unrealistic. It’s really hard these days to find a love as pure as theirs, even if it’s a fictional one. Words cannot describe it; you’ll have to see for yourself.



 Not to mention Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood) is insanely attractive.



So Chuck and Blair are no longer my favorite television couple (They aren’t even together anymore!). Sadly enough Robin Hood only aired for three seasons, so at the moment I’m nursing my sad heart over the impossibility of new episodes. That’s incredibly depressing actually because less than worthy shows like Dancing with the Stars won’t stop, and shows with the greatest love of all time don’t last.


2 thoughts on “Your Average Everyday Love Story: Part Two

  1. What, this is off the air already! I always meant to watch this on the Beeb but sadly kept missing it as I was obsessed with Doctor Who. I love Robin Hood, or stories like Robin Hood and it’s sad to hear this isn’t coming back.

    Russell Crowe is remaking a movie version, though he doesn’t seem as cute as Jonas Armstrong here.

    • I completely agree about Russell Crowe, plus in my mind I always thought Robin Hood to be young, but Russell Crowe is a very good actor so I’ll be going to see that movie ( : Thanks for the comment!

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