In a Blogging Rut

I think I’ve stumbled into a blogging hole I can’t get out of. I originally wanted my blog to “examine life”, but was that desire the root of my blogging demise? Before I started, I looked at helpful blogging hints, and one said it was important to have a subject; a point to the blog. So I went with that, and now all I want to do is just talk about my life –no matter how average it may be– for the sake of getting my story out there, but I’m stuck with the limitations of my silly theme. I’m not sure why I’m suddenly feeling the restriction when previously I’d post anything I wanted to and left the theme connecting to whoever (if anyone?) read it.


I’m not going to abandon the theme. If I did I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Even though the theme suddenly feels limiting, chaos would ensue without it.


Wait a minute. Couldn’t talking about particular things in my life be a means to examine life itself? Woah. It’s too early for me to get all philosophical…

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