A Blogger in a Vlogger’s World

It has been exactly 24 hours since I put up my first video on Youtube, and I’m having mixed feelings about the whole thing. I’ve wanted to start my own channel for a while now, so why don’t I feel really great about this new beginning?


It’s most likely because I’ve gotten so comfortable with the cozy feel of blogging that I didn’t really think about how making videos is nothing like sitting down and typing my feelings out. There’s more than just a letter difference between blogging and vlogging. It’s a bigger world; I’m a very small fish in this new ocean.


I’m curious to see where this new adventure takes me though, so I hope you’ll want to tag along and maybe decide to start your own channel. Or at least offer me some feedback with mine ( :


2 thoughts on “A Blogger in a Vlogger’s World

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