Let’s face it, very few people can honestly say they’re patient. I for one become antsy at the very thought of having to wait. It doesn’t really matter what I have to be patient for, I just can’t seem to wait. Over the years I’ve started to realize how patience, or even sitting still for that matter, is quite the art form.

My inability to be patient has become a lot more apparent over this past week as I continue to wait for my Flip Video Camera to arrive. Day after day I get anxious around the time when the mail usually comes, even though the package is being delivered by UPS.

Yet it hasn’t gotten here yet. Which isn’t that big of a deal, but all this time waiting has allowed my mind to come up with crazy reasons as to why my camera hasn’t gotten here yet.

I realize this is incredibly ridiculous, but my level of patience is really that low. Patience is a character trait I truly envy. Do you have any tips to help me become more patient and to stop thinking that aliens wanted my Flip Video Camera?

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