My Battle Between Loving Animals and Loving Cheeseburgers

I know this is a weird thing to post about since it’s a lot different from my usual post style, but there has been some sort of animal in our garage for the past few months and last night my dad took the initiative and bought live traps to catch whatever is living in the garage loft.


This has me thinking…I’ve toyed with the idea of becoming a vegetarian for the past few years now, and I even tried it for a bit to see how it fit me, but a few problems soon emerged that have got me stumped. I love animals and have on numerous occasions rescued stranded baby moles and rabbits from a painful death at the teeth of my dogs, but I love cheeseburgers.


I know that’s kind of close-minded and you’re thinking I could just eat vegetarian burgers and be just fine, but there are still more factors that are keeping me from making the leap to a no meat lifestyle. I despise lettuce. I can’t stand eating salad. I believe it’s nearly impossible to be a vegetarian and not like lettuce or salad.


So through this battle I’ve come to a conclusion I’m pretty ok with. I’ll continue to enjoy my hamburgers, but whatever chance I get, I’ll rescue the critters from my backyard and try to avoid decreasing the cat population with my car.




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