Making Videos

I for one really love watching YouTube videos. Although my obsession has definitely picked up in the last month, I’ve always found YouTube a really good way to waste time I may not have. Recently I’ve started to mull over the thought of starting to do my own videos to tie into this blog. So I’ve been looking into video cameras and programs to use to make the videos and I’ve come to a big conclusion. Making videos, even if they’re just for YouTube, is a serious art form. So much effort goes into the editing process alone, and that’s on top of the time spent recording and thinking of what to say. With this new ambition to get my toes wet in the video world, I have a whole new respect for YouTubers and anyone who makes videos. This respect has started me in a new path…



I just ordered a Flip Video Camera last night and am anxiously waiting its arrival so I can get started making my videos.

The boyfriend’s helping me out with finding a good program to use to edit my videos.



Now all I need is some ideas about what I should make my videos about. That’s where I could really use your help, seeing as I’m completely void of any ideas. All I do is sit around trying to come up with topics.



I’m looking just about everywhere for inspiration, and I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos in an attempt to find a type of style to morph mine around, but I could really use some assistance. I’m thinking I’d like to make it like a continuation of this blog and talk about the same things I would on here, but in video form.



What do you think? Leave a comment telling me what type of videos you’d like me to make. I really appreciate the help ( :


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