Clothing Talks: Casual Pink & Black

ShopStyle has made it fifty times easier for me to quickly throw together a really cute look, but I still love my old style more. With my schedule how it is though, this method’s going to be what I turn to until January’s over ( :

This outfit is great for all types of weather, but I tweaked it to be a good winter outfit. I find it very important not to lose style when trying to find warmth, but it really is quite a hard balance to achieve. The cute pink blouse makes this outfit have a dressy feel, while the jeans help take everything back to a more relaxed look. My favorite piece of this outfit is obviously the bag. I have a thing for selective color!

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5 thoughts on “Clothing Talks: Casual Pink & Black

  1. I love that outfit, especially the adorable top. I would absolutely wear this.

    Finally caught up on your latest posts and I have to say – I love this blog. Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts now that I’m all caught up!

  2. You have a lovely blog, and fantastic sense of style. Thank you for commenting on my blog! sorry its taken so long to get back with you.

    i’ll be sure to keep up with your blog and make recommendations to friends.

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