General Thoughts: 1/12/10

Since school is getting to the time right before finals, things are getting crazy for me. I kind of love it though; being busy and trying to get everything done on time. I love the planning and organization it takes. So needless to say (yet I’m saying it anyway?!) Under the Microscope is taking the most neglect of my leisurely activities.

Now that I’ve admitted to myself that this is indeed the case, I feel like it’ll be on my mind more often than it has been. That’s definitely a good thing ( :

So for all of you who flatter me day after day with taking the time to view my blog, I won’t let you down. There will be more lists (because you know how much I love making lists) to come, but it’ll probably just be these General Thoughts posts for a bit until January is over.

I want to make sure I’m posting things you want to read, so be sure to leave comments with the types of things you’d like me to talk about and I’ll be sure to comply ( :

Happy Blogging


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