Clothing Talks: ShopStyle Casual

I’ve seen some of these ShopStyle outfits on a few different blogs, but I never really looked into what ShopStyle was all about until last night. It’s kind of amazing. When I’m just too busy to do the original Clothing Talks posts, ShopStyle will make the process a lot quicker. I still plan on doing my old version of the Clothing Talks posts with stores and prices, but I think I’m going to mix them up with some ShopStyle outfits too, just to keep things interesting. 


Winter can have a draining affect on outfits since style is usually ditched for warmth, so I took this draining affect idea and used usually bland colors to make an outfit that takes winter color’s dulling power and uses it as a strength. The greys and black work together to give this look a wintery feel, without being boring and still having style.



Do you use ShopStyle? Leave a comment with your username so I’ll be able to go see the looks you’ve created. My username on ShopStyle is kjcornell (original I know) : )


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