Adventure: Crossing the Border

Instead of doing the smart thing by heading south out of the cold Michigan weather, I’m going the opposite direction…to Canada.





I’m overwhelmed with excitement even with the prospect of even colder temperatures, because I’m going with the boyfriend.

The boyfriend used to live in Toronto, so it’s one of those “meet the friends” trips. Anyone who has ever been on one of those knows exactly what I’m talking about and of course the nerves are definitely getting to me. I really need to stop worrying, because all it’s doing is letting my mind wander to more things to fret over.





After some thought, I realized that this trip is going to teach me a lot of things I didn’t originally expect. Of course I’m going to learn about all the places the boyfriend used to go to, but I’m also meeting the people the boyfriend spent countless hours with before he met me; it’s really quite something if you think about it. Through these inevitably awkward meetings, I’m going to get a whole new perspective in regards to who the boyfriend is, apart from the type of person he is currently of course.





In an attempt to ease my nerves, I’ve directed all of my attention towards my suitcase’s contents, and have ended up trying to squeeze my entire closet into a rather large (but clearly not large enough) suitcase with no success.





I’m a plethora of emotions as the day of departure draws steadily closer. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.


Leave a comment telling me one of your “meet the friends” memories.

4 thoughts on “Adventure: Crossing the Border

  1. Hey Chica-

    I was panicking before Seattle, and even though I met his family and not his friends, I totally understand. Just relax. Breathe. You’ll be fine. What’s not to love?

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