You Carry Around a Stuffed Animal and You Are How Old Exactly?!

When my best friend Lauren moved to China just over a year ago, I knew emails and letters weren’t going to be enough.



So I gave her a stuffed animal Fox in Sox as a going away present with a note saying that whenever something happened that we would have done together, we would bring Fox along and take photographs. Fox would be the stand-in best friend.


So that’s what we did.



Over time it became habit to take our separate Foxes with us just about everywhere, including on swim team picture day.



Over the past year our separate Foxes have gone to numerous places.


Like Australia…



The Great Wall…



…or a museum about sex.



Whenever we see each other, we bring our Foxes and our photographs…



be it in China….




or back here in Michigan.




Our Foxes have made a lot of friends…














and unusual.




We have albums filled with photographs of our adventures…





and apart.



This experience has taught me how friendships aren’t always easy. Even more so now with an entire world between us. But sometimes all you need are two red stuffed animals to make a friendship even stronger.


8 thoughts on “You Carry Around a Stuffed Animal and You Are How Old Exactly?!

  1. I love you. This is amazing. Incredible. Astounding. Awesome. Astonishing. Great. Fantastic. Stupendous. Stupefying. Awe-Inspiring.

    All that. 🙂

  2. I am 10. (give or take 10 years). Oh how I love Fox. I think I might get to work with some kids in the classroom for one of my classes next semester, so my goal is to read them Fox in Sox, the greatest, most-difficult-to-read-aloud book ever. 🙂

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  4. Very cool..and i have been enjoying your pictures on the other website..It will be nice some day to be able to look back and see what u did your summer before college.

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