Current Obsessions: 12/3/09

Just as predicted two weeks ago, I have a whole handful of new obsessions. This is not to say that my previous obsessions from 11/18/09 are no more, it just means these new obsessions are currently in the lead. I still cannot get enough of Gossip Girl (The Thanksgiving episode this week was amazing!) and Ben Folds, but I’ve discovered some new things I’m just as obsessed over.




1. FFFFound!

Binky’s Alternate Reality introduced me to this site and it’s been one of my tabs ever since (right between WordPress and Yahoo! Mail). Over the past few weeks I’ve browsed over 1,200 pages of images and saved hundreds into files to use later. This site is amazing, but I’m disappointed that you have to be invited to have a chance to get an account. It’s probably best I don’t have one because FFFFound! already uses up hours of precious time each day.



2. Fleece Tie Blankets

I’ve always wanted to make one of these blankets, but never seemed to get around to it. To my surprise and great pleasure, at my swim team banquet this last Tuesday all the seniors were given one! I’ve had mine draped over my shoulders ever since. Mine’s a ’70’s peace theme with a deep purple back and my name and graduation year embroidered in one of the corners. It’s amazingly warm. If you don’t have one, make one, or find someone who can because you really need one. 



3. The Blind Side

I saw this movie with my mom over Thanksgiving break and I’m in love with it. I laughed, cried, and did this odd laugh/cry at times. The movie was wonderfully made and the whole story behind it is amazing. I’m contemplating seeing it again.



4. Eyelash Curlers

I’ve fallen victim to the idea that eyelash curlers are actually torture devices since I was a little girl walking around with ridiculous eyeshadow on, but I’m happy to say I’ve finally seen the error of my ignorant ways. I’ve  started to use an eyelash curler more regularly, and now I’m addicted to using one. It really does make quite a noticeable difference.



5. Alex Day

I found Alex Day’s YouTube Channel through a post on a friend’s Facebook wall (gotta love technology right?) and became immediately addicted. Alex Day is hilarious. I especially love the videos of him reading Twilight. He participated in this really amazing fundraiser for charity (watch this video to learn all about it). He’s really quite brilliant if you have a spare moment to watch yet another YouTube video.


So those are my current obsessions for the time being. Leave a comment telling me about some of your current obsessions. I’d love to find out something new to obsess over : )


2 thoughts on “Current Obsessions: 12/3/09

  1. I don’t know if you’d them obessions….ok who am I kidding they are.

    #1 I’ve always had this thing with chewing, don’t ask me where I developed such a habit but I’ve been that way since I was kid, I’ve always got to have gum in my mouth – I don’t think that’s overly healthy..what do you think?

    #2 would be Startbucks – it’s my cousins fault, if you read my blog I actually have an entry saying how it happened!!!

    #3 I’d have to say that I’m hooked on hand cream!!! I love ones that have a nice scent…nothing over powering cause that’s just horrible…but I like things that have a nice soft scent but something that won’t give me a headache – prone to those.

    #4 lipgloss!!! it’s something I can’t do without!!! I own too many and keep buying more. I like ones that aren’t too shiny or fruity…I’d be licking my lips too much. and I guess we can add chapstick to that as well.

    #5 books. I have quite a few and keep buying more. I read one then start a new one and then buy another 3 or 4. what can I say, I love the written word 🙂

    my blog:

    I know those probably sound corny but they make me happy in an odd way 🙂

  2. hahahha yessss the fleece tie blankets are extremely warm and soft. i never actually made one (wish i did) but one of my close friend made it for her boyfriend and he loved it. it had pink hearts spread throughout the fleece. 🙂 you should definitely make one.

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