Clothing Talks – Holiday Outfit

With our bellies still stuffed with the delicious foods of  Thanksgiving, the holiday season draws closer. No matter how you celebrate, a decent holiday outfit is vital to survive the numerous gatherings to attend during the season. It’s important to have the holiday cheer, without feeling the need to dress up like a Christmas tree.

Here’s an outfit I threw together as a basic idea of the type of outfit to wear this holiday season.

What’s great about this outfit is the fact that it doesn’t go overboard. There’s no need to dress incredibly fancy if you’re just going to a small holiday party, but this outfit still sends the message that you put effort into your outfit. Pairing a nice skirt with a plain white t-shirt makes the outfit more casual, yet the sweater, tights, and flats help to make the outfit less of an everyday look and more of a special event one.

Of course, this outfit doesn’t have to be reserved just for the holidays!

2 thoughts on “Clothing Talks – Holiday Outfit

  1. Amazing! This is my favorite outfit. It is so classy while being relaxed (in color and style), yet still maintains strong appeal. Very attractive and affordable too! You’ve outdone yourself this time 🙂

  2. I used a proxy to get passed the China blockage. I just read through it ALL. I love it. Amazing. I will regularly check in. How often do you think you do this? Alert me via email when you post new ones 🙂 I agree with David, by the way. This outfit is my favorite one so far 🙂

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