Clothing Talks – School Outfit

How you present yourself plays a really important role in the life of a teenager in high school. More so than for adults because there are only so many things teenagers have to worry about. Unlike adults, we don’t have the stresses of taxes or a full-time job, so we tend to place a lot more stock in the way we appear. During the teenage years, a lot of self discovery occurs and clothing has a huge part in this process as well as being a valuable means of expression.

So now we are faced with the problem of time. Trying to find a perfect medium between getting enough sleep yet still having enough time to look presentable at school is quite the balancing act. This school outfit looks as if a lot of effort was put into it, but really it could be thrown on in a few minutes and you’ll be ready for the day.

Outfit #3

Winters in Michigan can be brutal, so I’ve paired skinny jeans and a knit top with a nice fleece jacket and scarf. The jacket and scarf will keep you warm, but you’ll still be able to express some style. If it doesn’t get that cold where you live, the jacket and scarf combination will still keep out the cold winds of fall. You shouldn’t have to trade personality for warmth. The burgundy shoes give the outfit a nice pop of color, but they don’t take away from the outfit.

Pair the outfit with a nice Vera Bradley bag – which I’m completely obsessed with at the moment – and you’ll be all set for a fashionable day of education. This outfit could easily be worn for just about any occasion as well which makes it absolutely perfect.


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