Reflections on a Saturday

Mirrors are curious things. They contain the world, yet they are different in a kind of eerie way that sometimes makes me a bit uncomfortable. Well it’s a Saturday night and I’ve spent the last few hours trying to come up with something clever to blog about and I happened to glance over at my dresser where I’ve put a mirror I just recently purchased. I was struck with this wonderful idea to waste an hour taking self portraits for no apparent reason.


IMG_4284 copy1 


While doing this, I started to think about how doing these portraits of myself will help me to get a better sense of who I am…I’m not sure if that made sense…let me try and explain. Taking photographs with the assistance of the mirror makes everything backwards, or the opposite of what it actually is. Which, in turn, causes you to look at yourself in a different way.




Leave a comment with your opinions on the power of mirrors (or lack of). These are what I ended up with. Feedback would be lovely ( :




5 thoughts on “Reflections on a Saturday

  1. First two you look way serious, but the third one looks really up close and personal. Mirrors know us better than we know ourselves sometimes…

    (I added your blog to my RSS reader, muhaha)

  2. I’ve discovered my camera will expose formerly unseen elements; the ones lurking between realms or hovering upon the surfaces of airwaves.

    I think the shots have revealed a young woman who loves color and has experienced a meaningful relationship with someone.
    A woman with a direct gaze into other worlds, curious, creative, sensitive and searching.

    I admire your blog and I’m trying to link it to mine today.

  3. mirrors are mysterious things indeed. So many superstitions are connected with them. Funny thing is that people throughout the world believe in the same superstitions (like breaking the mirror (or looking in a broken mirror) brings 7 years of unluck). I think this must mean something more than just a false belief

    PS. You’re cute! 🙂

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