My Future’s in a Fog

With my college acceptance letter to Michigan State in hand and a quarter of my senior year behind me, I face a future in which few things are certain. I know this is what every senior about to leave the comfort of high school experiences, but my apprehension seems greater than most. I’ve just finally found a clear set of passions (photography, writing, and fashion) and now the rug is starting to be pulled out from under me before I can wrap my head around any potential ideas.


I’ve always enjoyed the classic “What do you want to do when you grow up?” question when I was younger because I always had the greatest responses. On any given day I wanted to be an actress, an interior designer, a singer (odd since I can’t sing) as well as numerous other occupations I had never shown an interest in. That attitude was okay when I was eleven, but now that the date of my impending adulthood is closing in, telling people I want to be an astronaut is no longer cute or witty.


What I’m trying to say is that I do not know what I want to do with my life. Yeah, I know what I don’t want to do, but the only accomplishment in that is that it reduces the list of possible careers. Pursuing journalism has remained what I’ve told people when they’ve asked, but truthfully I don’t think I’d be all that good at it. I find myself doing just about anything to get out of conversations with people I don’t know. Even though I’m the one asking the questions, I get this overwhelming sense that I’m the one on the spot.


So now that I’ve found some deal-breaking flaws in my only career option, all I have left is a passion for writing and photography…and those genres are so vast that there are hundreds of possibilities, yet I have no idea where to start.


Maybe I’m putting too much thought into it. At least there isn’t someone lording over me demanding me to decide at this very moment what I’m going to do for the rest of my life. I don’t have to decide right now on this average Thursday, but with all the uncertainties in my future, it’d be nice to have one definite locked in before I abandon the sanctity of my room for a cozy shoe-box of a dorm room next fall.

Let’s just hope this ffffound image is true…


4 thoughts on “My Future’s in a Fog

  1. it’s never too much thinking about choosing your career path. I think I didn’t see all ins and outs, I didn’t thought about all pros and cons of my future career when I was enrolling to the university. I didn’t think what kind of jobs are well-paid and which ones are not. I suppose many kids did not either. Perhaps because a person is of a too young age of 17-18 to make such a HUGE desicion. In fact I was only 15 when I enrolled to the univeristy.

    You have to understand what do you want from your life – earn big money, be involved in a creative work or put as minimum strain on your brain as possible, be at the top of a career ladder or enjoy a life of a small gear in a big system… by the way many professions have a short career ladder with only “junior” and “senior” steps, but never “executive”.

    Seems like you’ve opted for being a journalist by now?

  2. You are a fabulous writer and all I have to say in response to your apprehension is you have to embrace it. If you live in any form of fear for the future, you miss the amazing experiences that life is handing you. When you went to kindergarten, you were probably a little scared as well, then you started middle school, and then high school. However now you can see that you are having more fun than you could have imagined. Enjoy life, stay true to yourself, and don’t look back with any sense of loss. The world is not going to hand you your dreams, you must take the chances, and accept that you have always done the best you could. The decision you may regret, is the one you don’t make. It’s the one you decided to “wait and see” and then that moment will pass you by. Live with everything you’ve got. With love and blessing, the Social Girl

  3. Hi Kayla,
    I find myself enjoying your blog immensely because I am steeped in so many of the aesthetics and thoughts I read on your site. I felt out of the mainstream for years and it wasn’t until I went to Art School full-time (Emily Carr University – BFA Grad 2004 – Photography Major) that I knew I was on the right plane. After that I thought about going to University for a Creative Writing Degree and then I pondered a 39-week Fashion Design course here in Vancouver, BC (Canada). A lot of life has to be experienced along the way and I found paying attention to my intuition and dreams to be a most valuable resource, along with friends that share my world.

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