Just Let Me Put My Face On

I find it startling how many beauty channels there are on YouTube since we inhabit a world where appearances play a huge role in character definition. More often than not, the girls doing the tutorials or clothing hauls really get on my nerves. It could be because they aren’t used to talking in a camera, but whatever the reason, I find the majority of these channels irritating. I did not give up in my search to find decent beauty channels though, so after days of exhausting browsing, I finally found a handful of channels that I find myself checking daily for updates. Check them out and tell me what you think ( :


1. Juicystar07’s Channel

This is a pretty well-known channel since Blair has over a hundred thousand subscribers, but for a good reason. She’s really good and I’ve learned a lot of my makeup methods from her videos. Her personality keeps the videos from getting boring! She’s even started another channel just for vlogs so her original channel can be strictly about beauty.

2. SWalkerMakeup’s Channel

This girl is British (at least I’m like 98% sure) and she has such a creative unique style that I just love. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from her, but the videos can sometimes be really quiet.

3. MichellePhan’s Channel

I found this channel only a few days ago and I instantly fell in love with the videos. Michelle is brilliant at what she does, and the unique style of her videos makes her videos stand out from all the other run-of-the-mill beauty videos.


I’m still trying to find a good channel that just focuses on clothing (Outfits of the day and such), so if you know of any please leave a comment with the link(s)!



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