Clothing Talks – Date Night Outfit

Be it the first date or the hundreth, the date outfit requires a lot of thought and planning since it plays a key role in sending off certain vibes to that special someone. Here’s an outfit that has more edge than most, but it shows obvious personality and style. Plus it can be worn just about anywhere and will sure to attract envious stares.

Outfit #2

The blue dress creates a center point for the entire outfit. Focusing on blacks and silvers, the overall feeling given off is an edgy one, yet the simple jumper along with the simplicity of the jacket takes the outfit out of the scary rocker-chick zone and makes it a unique, creative outfit for any night out. The shoes are just really cool.


4 thoughts on “Clothing Talks – Date Night Outfit

    • I totally fell in love with the silver and I have no idea why. I’m so not big on the metallic look for clothing (jewelry’s totally fine) but this jacket I’m crazy over. Any suggestions on what type of outfit I should do next?

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